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10 Things I wish I had Known before Becoming a Mother

As Mother’s day approaches, it got me thinking about all the things that as a first time mom you are clueless about, and if I was back in that same place in time, what do I wish I had known and done differently? As I compiled a list, I’m glad that I did research and...

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City Guides – St. Augustine, Florida

Do you have a favorite place in the world? One that you can visit over and over and see something new just about everytime? Where your soul feels at home and you can’t help it but smile as you walk down the street? For me, this place is Saint Augustine,...

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5 Easy Ways to Manage Clutter for Good

Here in the United States it’s spring time, and besides celebrating a new season, this time of year is also known for spring cleaning time. Before coming to the United States for the first time over 2 decades ago, I had never heard of the concept of spring...

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5 Steps for Easy Holiday Entertaining

Entertaining can seem like an intimidating activity, and unfortunately many people avoid it because they feel they have no idea where to start or how to do it. Fear no more, ladies! Entertaining is a wonderful experience and it should be part of your regular social...

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Vegan-Friendly Teaware

When I first came across the concept of vegan-friendly teaware I was completely stunned, like I discovered gold! The idea is that you are getting high quality china, but without the animal byproducts (yes, bone china contains actual animal bones). I found...

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What an Entire Day Off Can Do for You

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m a big advocate for self-care. Self-care can come in many shapes and sizes, depending on your personality and what you like to do. But I think the main ingredient of self-care is to do something that nourishes...

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Our Manifesto

She spends time alone as much as she wants to. She crafts and implements rituals in her life that allow her to take action on her dreams. Planning her day, week, month and year is not rigid, but the best tool to accomplish her goals. She digs deep and finds out what drives her and who she wants to be, and she asks herself anytime she takes action if what she is doing is taking her closer to her goal. She does the best she can at all times and doesn’t beat herself up if she fell short of her own expectations. She knows there’s always next time. She doesn’t have to do everything. She knows she will never please everyone, and that is ok. She listens to her soul and does what feels good. She believes it’s actually better to be authentic and different, than to be normal and miserable. She is confident that elegance and luxury can coexist with cruelty-free living. She knows self-care is not selfish or a luxury, but a daily necessity. She experiences the best things in life as much as possible without shame or guilt. She keeps her light shining bright even if it makes others wear sunglasses around her. She strives to become a better version of herself. She is perfect right now, in this moment, as she is. She accepts her faults and gifts with the same enthusiasm. She believes we are all connected, and therefore her actions today will impact the world in one way or another, so she chooses wisely. She follows her heart and intuition. Spirituality is an essential part of her life, and she makes room for it. She exercises her muscles of compassion on a regular basis. She expresses gratitude. She helps others move towards their life purpose by using her gifts. She knows what she truly desires. She speaks and inspires others with her actions. She spreads love and beauty to everyone she meets. She lets her values guide her. She trusts her instincts. She is more inclusive than judgmental. She listens when spoken to, to herself, her surroundings. She travels often. She learns new things regularly: how to play an instrument, by taking an acting class, ballroom dancing, a new language. She exercises tolerance and flexibility. She is curious about her community and other cultures. Guilt has no place in her life. She knows she is beautiful just as she is.She stretches her comfort zone. She adds beauty to her life and allows herself to be inspired by it. She makes her home her sanctuary. She makes room for adventures and the unexpected. She knows surprises can be a good thing. She accepts help when it finds her, and she asks for it when she needs it. She takes the time to learn what makes her unique, and embraces it. She takes action on her dreams. She invests in herself. She spends time with people who inspire her.She discards everything that no longer serves her guilt free. She lives with less. She speaks her truth but she doesn’t impose her views on others. She believes all life is precious and deserves respect. She strives to be honest with herself. She surrenders. She lets go of the things she can’t control. She forgives and moves on, because it’s the best thing she can do for herself. She lightens her load and forgives herself; she releases all blame, guilt, sadness and loss she might otherwise be carrying. She is the best version of herself. She leads by example. She knows that the good she does for herself spills over to her family and kids. She dresses for the body and lifestyle she has now. She has a tribe that uplifts her and helps her become the best version of herself. She pays attention to the details. She is interested in art and history. She does her part to leave a better planet for her children than the one she found. She nourishes her body with fresh, organic foods from nature. She believes her thoughts become things. She has a consistent meditation practice. She moves her body daily. She makes sleep a priority. She employs mindfulness on everything she does. She is present when performing any task. She gives in order to receive. She does her research but ultimately allows her intuition to guide her. She is polite and minds her manners. She has fun. To her, life is beautiful, and should be enjoyed in style!

Virtual Organizing

Whether your home or your schedule need some tidying up, I am here to help you. It’s time to take charge of your space, your schedule, your life.

Space Planning

Need help repurposing a room? Not sure how to fit your furniture in a way that is functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing? Want to transform a room to function seemlessly? I’ve got you covered.

Mindful Mama Coaching

What does motherhood on your own terms mean to you? If you are ready to pursue your dreams with kids in tow, you’ve come to the right place, no guilt required.

Transformational Trips & Retreats

If you are a planet-conscious traveler looking for eco-friendly luxury escapes, you’ve come to the right place! Simply pack your bags and we will handle the logistics, planning and details. All you have to do is show up and have the time of your life!


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Angélica is an organizational whiz, planner, mindful mama coach and retreat strategist. Her experience ranges from event planning, home organization and space planning, to international retreat designer and travel planner. When she is not helping a client get organized or plan amazing getaways, you can find her at the park playing with her preschooler, planning her family’s next getaway, sipping earl grey or enjoying a delicious treat at a local vegan shop.

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