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You love being a mother, and you wouldn’t trade what you have for the world. But somewhere along the way, between diaper changes and long nights, you forgot what it was like to be you, the real you.

Believe me, I know. I’ve been there.

Before I became a mom, I had a career, several hobbies and interests, and time to travel with my husband on a moment’s notice. Life was good, but I still had many ambitions to pursue.

After my son was born, I decided to leave an event planning career behind to pursue motherhood full time. It was scary but I knew in my heart this is what I needed to do at this time in my life. I felt so fulfilled to be able to witness all of my son’s first milestones, and as a bonus I was truly in charge of my days for the first time in my life.

Well, my son ran the schedule most days, but being able to schedule doctor appointments during the day, go grocery shopping when the store wasn’t crowded, or just being there to hug him when nap time was over felt like I had made it.

Zip lining in Florida

As I immersed myself in the role of motherhood and full-time care taker of a baby, I neglected many aspects of myself that used to be important to me. I honestly didn’t do it on purpose; I just kept putting them aside as I felt they were not important at this particular time in my life.

Fast forward a couple years and I find myself in an identity crisis, with no one around who can relate to what I’m going through, and trying to figure out where my old self fits in this role of motherhood.

At my lowest point I would dread mornings and my day ahead. I felt disconnected from myself and I wasn’t clear on how to move forward. All I knew is that I wanted to live my life on my own terms, caring for my son but also pursuing personal goals. In order for this to happen, it was clear that I needed to add myself to my to-do list.

I started doing what I do best when I need to solve a problem, and that is reading and researching. I found out I was not an isolated case of the motherhood blues and many other moms had gone through the same challenges and thrived.

My journey to self-discovery was just beginning. Through much trial and error, I would do different things, based on what felt good to me to pursue, and little by little things began to change.

Walt Disney World, Orlando

As I immersed myself in a journey to my inner world, I discovered that I needed to bring all these aspects of myself to the surface in order to feel fulfilled on a daily basis, which I eventually called the Mom Types.


  • There was the part of me that cared for my well-being, nourishment and the planet (Green Mom).
  • I enjoyed learning, travelling and stretching my comfort zone (Adventurous Mom).
  • I craved quiet, introverted time, and silence (Sensitive Mom).
  • I felt better when my days were planned and I had personal goals to achieve (Achiever Mom).
  • I became curious about spirituality, meditation, and wanted to explore how to raise consciousness and be more present (Spiritual Mom).
  • I took the time to organize and declutter parts of my home where energy felt stagnant, and noticed major shifts in my mood (Organized Mom).
  • I made a conscious decision on how to dress in the morning based on how I wanted to feel, with amazing pay offs (Elegant Mom).

Visit to Savannah

For instance, I would take a few minutes before bedtime to write on my journal; or I would sit outside and enjoy the sunshine for a bit, while my son played; I would put on the family calendar an event I was interested in attending, before things got filled up and there was no time for my needs.

I started noticing and paying attention to the things that made my life easier and more fun, made me feel more confident as a mom and woman, and most importantly, made me feel purposeful and happy.

Hanging out at the park

Aligning my daily actions with my core desires was the missing piece to creating a more fulfilling, purposeful, and mindful lifestyle.

As I played with these Mom Types™ and saw that I was a better mom, happier wife and person in general, I realized that other moms could benefit from this as well.

Living on this state allows me to be creative daily, and I have the time to do the things I enjoy because I make room in my schedule for the things that matter most to me.

I love to help other moms uncover their Mom Type(s) and find out how these aspects of themselves can help them be more fulfilled in motherhood.

Amicalola Falls

If you are ready to take the next step to live your life on your own terms, where you feel at ease when juggling your day-to-day responsibilities because you know who you are, what makes you happy and when you’ll get to your to-dos, I invite you to take action on your dreams and join me on this beautiful journey!

Find out your Mom Type with this quiz and check out these special programs crafted with you in mind!

I want to help you thrive in motherhood, so when you look back on these years you can be proud of your accomplishments and legacy.

You may also book a time to discuss the results of the quiz with me, absolutely free!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Much love,


11 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I grew up in Brazil in a big city called Caxias do Sul. I learned to be very independent at an early age, walking to school, taking the city bus on my own, you name it! It was a bit against my nature because I was very shy, but the push was exactly what I needed at the time
  2. I love to travel, learn about history, and experience culture. When I travel, I look to learn about the past of the place I’m visiting, and enjoy the local culture as much as possible. My family’s favorite getaway is a visit to the oldest city in the United States, Saint Augustine, which we are so fortunate to live a short drive away.

Visit to Downton Abbey exhibit at the Lightner Museum

6. I became vegan in my early 30’s after watching a video about cruelty in an egg factory. I was shocked that I was so ignorant about where my food came from, and made a full switch to plant-based eating, never looking back. Best decision ever.

7. The older I get, the more I want to cultivate beauty, freedom, love, spirituality, connection, and fun, and I hope to spread the same everywhere I go, with everyone I meet.

8. I find that growing up in a developing country, I know have a different set of eyes when it comes to appreciating abundance. I’m always in awe when I hear about my husband’s childhood in the United States, and all the wonderful things I get to enjoy now (such as central heat and air). It’s easy to get used to all the comforts we have, so it’s nice to remember how different life can be somewhere else

Visit to Central Park - 3 months pregnant

Starry night in Brazil

3. Speaking of travel, I love everything English (as in England) – afternoon tea, old customs and etiquette, architecture, and of course Downton Abbey.

4. I am very curious and therefore I love learning. I can easily take a class every week and learn a new skill; that’s how much I love learning! There are so many things I still want to do, to see, to explore. I’m always excited about life and what can come next!

5. My first trip abroad was when I went to the United States for a year program as an exchange student, at the age of 17. I was completely unprepared to what was to come, but all the challenges helped me learn so much about myself and grow as a woman. This is also where I met my now husband, so obviously it was meant to happen J

At the top of the pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico

9. I represented Brazil at an international conference in San Francisco, where I won a contest while in high school, and I got to meet world leaders and activists including Mikhail Gorbatchev, John Denver, and my idol Jane Goodall among others.

10. I love the sound of my son’s laugh, the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, the feel of a cozy blanket as I curl up on the couch with a good book, the view of the river from the shore, the taste of a flaky, warm pastry. Oh, and salsa dancing.

11. I care deeply about people, animals, and our planet. It may sound Utopian but I do believe that we can all learn to live together, lifting each other up, cheering for our successes, striving for compassion and empathy in everything we do and with everyone we meet. I want to inspire moms to take their dreams seriously. I want others to know that you can be fabulous and enjoy the best things in life, while still being kind to other beings and the planet.

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