The Community Effect on Introvert Moms

Sep 2, 2016 | sensitive mom | 0 comments

It’s that time of year again where we plan our summer vacation. Even though our son is not yet in school, we still plan a main getaway in the summertime because we like to connect with family and friends who usually need to get together around their kiddos schedules.

This year we decided to go visit friends and family in Indiana in my husband’s home town. Our son is almost 3 years old and was looking forward to seeing family and friends. We knew it would be a busy week since it’s been two years since we visited last and there were so many people to see.

As an introvert, I need to schedule downtime throughout the day, especially on days where I know we’ll be surrounded by others for long periods of time. It’s the only way I can make it through the day without turning into a 3-headed monster.

This was a lesson I had to learn the hard way in motherhood, because no one tells you what happens when you are an introvert and the primary care giver of a child. It turns out that a person will wear out an introvert in a short amount of time regardless if they are one adult, one tiny toddler or a group of either. It’s up to you to make provisions to stay sane!

Looking back on the past two years where I’ve stayed home with my son, I can see how unconsciously I was avoiding interactions with other adults because I was people saturated at home. I avoided play dates and just about anything that would make me spend time with other people.

I also craved time for myself constantly. I tried to get away on my own as much as I could when my husband was home. It worked for a while to get me recharged, but then it felt as if I had saturated this option as well. I was no longer feeling fulfilled after my solo escapades.

At first, I thought I needed to take longer stretches of time to get the same effect. But even when I was gone for an entire day doing fun things that I loved, I still was missing something.

The answer? I needed to go deep inside to fulfil my cravings. My soul was missing something, not my physical body. After much soul searching, one word kept coming to mind: stimulation.

I was craving the thing that I was avoiding all along: community. I had forgotten how invigorating it can be to be around people who love and support you, and it can actually be a fulfilling experience for an introvert. Many times, the energy drain we experience as introverts doesn’t come from the people around us per se, but from the experience the people around us provide.

I spent everyday of our vacation surrounded by people as expected, but what I didn’t expect was the effect this had on me. I came out energized, rested and fulfilled. Being among others who support you, love and care for you can do wonders to your mood and wellbeing.

Now that we are back home, I’m more motivated than ever to create a community of like-minded mamas who only want the best for each other and their families. Being a mom isn’t easy, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

If this resonates with you, I’d love for you to join our community!

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