Creating Time for You

Reclaim your Time and Add Hours to Your Day

What if I told you that you could have extra time in your day to spend doing something you love, just for you? What if I told you that you would spend this time actually enjoying yourself, without guilt and without feeling selfish about taking time for yourself? What would you like to do with this time?

I know what you are thinking: how can this be? I barely have enough time in the day to do all that I have to do for everyone else, let alone take care of me! I’m here to tell you that there’s another way. I want you to know that it is possible to glide through motherhood. It is possible to feel confident in your choices and start living your life in a way that is authentic to you.

So how do I know this, you ask?

I’ve been there too. Feeling disoriented on how to integrate motherhood in my life, struggling with an identity crisis, and doubting every decision I made on any regard of my life. It was exhausting and frustrating. And I knew there had to be a better way. It became my focus to get out of this pattern I had created for myself and find a way to live my life authentically and on purpose. I was ready to discover who I was in this new phase and how I could thrive in all aspects of my life. My personal journey led me to create the Mom Types Quiz TM and consequently the Creating Time for You TM Program, so I could help other moms just like you who are feeling called for a change.

What is this Program About?

The program will focus on putting you first, so you can bring the best of you in everything you do. As a side bonus, you will be teaching your children in the process of how important it is to love yourself and care for yourself above all else.

You will learn tools to help you stay on track to living a more fulfilling life, on your own terms. So even when challenges arise, and your days starts down spiraling into chaos, you will know what to do to bounce back quickly, without guilt or shame and especially, without punishing yourself for having a bad day.

I understand the concept of putting yourself first might seem like it goes against everything you are wired to do.

You might be thinking: I should always put my kids first! But there is a reason they remind us on the plane to put our air masks first before anyone else: it’s because this goes against our nature, especially as moms! And yet, if we don’t put our masks on first, we risk passing out while helping others, and then we are no help to anyone!

It takes guts to go against the grain and do something that seems to be against our societal rules, like putting yourself first. But hear me out: if you can find the courage to make this change regardless of what others might say about you, your entire family will reap the benefits!

You will experience a more complete and satisfying life, where there is time for you to be you!

Say YES to yourself today and let’s get started on your transformational journey!

At the end of this program you will:

  • Finally show up in motherhood and in your life the way you’ve always intended to
  • Stop living in survival mode and enjoy more quality time with yourself and those important to you
  • Take charge of your wardrobe and let your personality reflect through the way you present yourself daily
  • Be organized and in charge of your days
  • Know how to incorporate self-care on a daily basis in a way that works with your lifestyle

In a nutshell: you will know your mom type, have a clear vision of how you want to eat, schedule your days, plan getaways, be in relationship, organize your home, recharge, and develop your personal style, along with a plan of action to intentionally make time in your schedule and implement your goals so that you embody the woman you want to be.

Program Details

On this 10-week guided program, we will bring to the surface all the things that your soul is craving.

We will then take actions weekly that allow you to incorporate small, but significant changes in your life, all while creating room for the things that are important to you the most. Don’t worry, you will get the laundry done too! 😉

Here’s how it will work ⇒⇒⇒

Week 1 – Envisioning

You are running, but do you know where you are going?

It’s time to get clear on your goals for the big vision of your life.

  • Clarify your priorities
  • Understand what balance means to you
  • Create a visual illustration of your version of a fulfilling life

Week 2 – Your Deepest Desires {Spiritual Mom}

What is your truth? What does your authentic life look like?

We will uncover these nuggets of wisdom that have been hiding inside of you all along.

  • Explore your senses and what is pleasurable to your body and soul
  • How to implement spirituality practices in your life
  • Learn what makes you unique

Week 3 – A Place for Everything {Organized Mom}

A clear space equals a clear mind.

Walk into your home and get a boost of energy every time.

  • Get your home from chaotic to tidy in no time with simple systems you can implement over and over again
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of being able to find everything you need in your home instead of spending time searching for things every morning
  • Learn how to bounce back when your house is out of control and no one picks up after themselves

Week 4 – Catch up Week

Week 5 – Relax {Sensitive Mom}

Are your senses overstimulated, from the time you wake up to the time you lay your head down at night?

It’s time to disconnect so you can recharge.

  • Find out how to fill your energy cup on a regular basis so it can stay full
  • Find ways to recharge amidst having the kids with you all day
  • Create a sanctuary

Week 6 – Have Fun! {Adventurous Mom}

What makes you happy? Truly happy?

Start spending time doing the things you love most.

  •  Know how to prioritize your activities and make time for things that bring you most joy
  • Figure out how you want to spend your time: your own time and your time with your family, and implement it
  • Learn ways to be resourceful when it comes to adding more fun to your life

Week 7 – Your Personal Style {Elegant Mom}

When you look in the mirror, do you feel empowered and happy with how you are projecting yourself into the world, or is there a disconnect with how you feel and how you are presenting yourself?

Let’s explore how you can express yourself in an authentic way.

  • Learn what is your unique style
  • Learn to feel fabulous at any stage of motherhood
  • Find out how to express your unique style based on where you are today
  • Express love for yourself no matter what stage of motherhood you are today

Week 8 – Catch up Week

Week 9 – Feel Fabulous {Green Mom}

Are you tired of being unprepared when meal time comes around?

Learn how to create and implement an easy plan that helps you live the healthy lifestyle you crave.

  • Have a clear plan for meal time that works for your family
  • Learn creative ways to be flexible with your meal plan when things come up (soccer running late, again!)
  • Assess how you truly want to feed yourself and your family and implement it

Week 10 – Intentional Scheduling {Achiever Mom}

Are you running your days or are your days running you?

Let’s take control over how you spend your time.

  • Have a clear plan on how to simplify your schedule
  • Have the tools to put yourself first AND do this without guilt
  • Know how to implement systems in your life so you can make time for the things that are really important to you

This Program is for You if:

  • You are a hot mess – scattered and living in survival mode, desperate for quality time and barely holding everything together
  • You wear yoga pants but probably will not be doing yoga today (and this makes you feel frumpy and uninspired all day)
  • You try to be organized, but just today you forgot to bring the snack for your daughter’s first-grade class
  • You know self-care is important, but something always seems to get in the way, like soccer
  • You can’t remember the last time you felt pretty
  • Winging it is your way of life, but you would love to do things differently
  • At the end of the day you feel burn out, exhausted, and you have no idea how you will do it all over again the next day
  • You are hard on yourself because you think you should have all things figured out by now
  • You are so overcommitted; you fall into bed at night sometimes with the day clothes still on
  • You only clean your house when visitors are coming, and feel like a failure in the process
  • You want to feed your family healthy organic food, but instead you find that your kids’ schedules have you stopping for fast food at least twice a week, and this makes you cringe
  • Even when you do something fun like take a trip (which you love), there is so much stress, and typically, you need a vacation when you get home

What’s Included

  • The program will be delivered via email. As soon as you sign up, you will receive a welcome email. This email will contain information regarding the program details, important dates, and materials to gather that will help you in the process.
  • The first email of the program will be sent out on the program start date.
  • With your first email you will receive a workbook to guide you through the entire process.
  • You will receive access to a Facebook group exclusive to this course, so you can ask questions and receive support from me throughout the process
  • There will be weekly group calls, for a total of 11 calls with me – The first call will be on the week the course starts, and one call per week thereafter, ending with a final celebratory call after the course is completed.
  • There will be a break after Week 3 and Week 6 so you can catch up if you feel you need to

Program Dates

  • March 19 – You will receive your first email and workbook
  • March 23 – I will host our first group call at 12pm EST. Feel free to ask any questions on this call
  • March 26 – Week 2 email goes out
  • March 28 – Group call #2 at 12pm EST.
  • April 2 – Week 3 email goes out
  • April 4 – Group call #3 at 12pm EST
  • Week of April 8 – catch up week: no emails
  • April 11 – Group call #4 at 12pm EST
  • April 16 – Week 4 email goes out
  • April 18 – Group call #5 at 12pm EST
  • April 23 – Week 5 email goes out
  • April 25 – Group call #6 at 12pm EST
  • Week of April 29 – catch up week: no emails
  • May 2 – Group call #7 at 12pm EST
  • May 7 – Week 6 email goes out
  • May 9 – Group call #8 at 12pm EST
  • May 14 – Week 7 email goes out
  • May 16 – Group call #9 at 12pm EST
  • May 21 – Week 8 email goes out
  • May 23 – Group call #10 at 12pm EST
  • May 30 – Group call #11 at 12pm EST – This is our final call where we will celebrate all your accomplishments from the program!

The Program Closes in








Your Investment

This program is all about you, and I will be there with you every step of the way! You will be supported and realize your struggles are not yours alone. I truly believe that what I’m offering you here will help you live a more fulfilling life, and I want it to be accessible to all moms who need this right now in their lives.

Your investment for the entire  10-week course, and everything listed under the What’s Included list, is only $497 (paid in full). You may also choose to pay in 3 equal payments of $175 each.

There is no time like today mama.

Let’s get your year on track with a plan in place so you can feel confident all before summer starts!

Still Undecided?

If you are not sure this program is right for you, feel free to schedule a call by grabbing an appointment with me.

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