We are now deep in the spring season, and just recently I started to notice its effects and get in the swing of the season.

Spring to me is a time to start fresh. A time to shed what is no longer serving, and open up to receive what is yet to blossom. A time to evaluate progress made so far in the year, and make changes accordingly.

These changes, however, are easier said than done. We might be hanging on to something in our personal lives or businesses that we know need to go, but yet we keep hanging on to them, due to fear, anxiety, or because we tell ourselves that leaving something behind and moving on is the same as giving up. So you tell yourself “I’m not a quitter!” and therefore you must hang on to it.

This past week my family and I returned home from a lovely trip to visit family and friends up North. We had such a wonderful time, relaxing and catching up, and were not quite ready to come home after a week. But duty calls and of course we came back as scheduled.

Less than two days after coming home, I found myself in a car accident. To make things worse, I was not the only person in the car; I had my son with me. My car was rear-ended by another vehicle when we were just minutes from home. The collision was loud, powerful, and scary for both of us.

I checked on my son immediately and found him crying, but he seemed to be mostly just scared from the crash. I was pretty shook up as well.

Hours after the accident and already in the comfort of home, I still found myself shaking from the experience. I took a shower as soon as I could, something I like to do especially after a bad day, as a ritual I practice to wash away the day. I went to bed early and my baby wanted to come lay in bed with me before heading to his room. It’s like he knew I needed an extra hug, and I wanted to hug him again too. And after he left, I just broke down in tears.

I realized that what came over me was a feeling of gratitude for everyone being ok after this experience, and the realization that life is unpredictable and can change in seconds. Everyone knows this, and I feel that I just received a little reminder that day.

I couldn’t help myself from going into what if scenarios – what if something serious had happened to me or my baby? What is that was my last day on Earth? What if that was his? I know, I know, this are all thoughts you shouldn’t have, but they all came to me and even though I didn’t want to think about it, I was allowing it all to come up at that moment and feel every emotion.

The days that followed were emotional as well, and I found myself contemplating about everything in my life. It was as if this experience opened up a part of me that had been dormant, or at least on automatic mode.

I was in such a high after our trip and this experience pulled me back and dropped me down to reality.

Without trying, I was being more selective regarding what I allowed to fill my precious moments. People and things that might have bothered me before, were not so much of a concern now. And I was ready to shed what was no longer serving me, without guilt or overthinking it.

One of the biggest decisions that came out of this process was the realization that I needed to cancel the Mommy Time Out Retreat. As many of you know, this retreat was supposed to take place in April, but was cancelled due to lack of sign ups. I immediately updated the dates to 2018 because I truly believe this event is a transformational experience for moms of young children, and I didn’t want to fail the moms who had committed to attending this year.

But now it was clear to me that I must cancel this event. I have been making many changes in my business and the retreat in its current format was not fitting with my offerings. I could feel this for a while but had not actually said it out loud. The time was now.

When I finally did, I felt free and relieved. I had finally made a decision on something I had been avoiding, and I knew in my heart this was also the best for my tribe.

I am now able to spend my time creating amazing services for the mom community to best serve their needs, and I couldn’t be happier or more motivated. New retreats are definitely in the future, but they will be offered when the time is right for everyone. Stay tuned for amazing things to come!

So is there anything you are hanging on to that you need to let go? What can you shed now that spring has sprung? Let us know in the comments!

Much love,


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